There has been a long line of brilliant producers in trance who don’t garner as much attention as they should. Thomas Datt is the perfect example of this. The NY native has been producing music for 15 years and continues to stand out from the rest. From progressive trance to melodic psy, Thomas Datt has produced a multitude of different sounds and emotions. Following “The Love Frequency” as his last release under the FSOE label, Datt’s latest venture comes to us as “Fluid Karma”, under the FSOE Parallels imprint.

“Fluid Karma” stands at almost 11 minutes in length. The extended length and gradual movement throughout the track immerse the listener in an almost theatrical experience. The track is tuned at 432 Hz, which some perceive to be the frequency of life. The sounds of “Fluid Karma” are diverse and expansive.  Teeming with spirituality and divinity, “Karma” is inundated with sharp and fluid sounds. The foreign vocal of a woman vibrates through the sound space, leading into the breakdown which utilizes its atmosphere in bringing the vocal into the foreground. Whimsical, yet devoid of any cheesy clichés, the background melody begins to scale up only to dissipate. Rather than fall into predictability with just adding a kick to the buildup, Datt tosses it all aside and transitions into a deep psy section, with its own growth and progression.

One thing that can be expected from Datt production is that it is very thorough in exploring every sound. Datt set out to create a tune in 432 Hz, but apart from that he improvised everything else. He explains in an exclusive statement to Beatcue exactly what went on during the production process of “Karma”:

“The process of making Fluid Karma was a little different to other times I’d sit down to work. Apart from knowing that I wanted to make my first fully tuned piece of music at 432 Hz, I found myself completely without a preconceived direction. The track was created in sections, giving the completed version a sense of different sounds across three parts. While I worked on each of the segments that make up the whole 10+ min track, I allowed myself to flow with the direction of my instinct, rather than forcing something I thought should be here or there. It was with this state of mind that I knew I was creating something unique”

It is this amount of artistic freedom that allows for a change of pace. In what could very easily stand as three different tracks, Datt cohesively pieces together a flawless hybrid of sound. In “Fluid Karma”, the sounds are progressing with the track, whether it is a synth’s transformation into a vehement growl from a calm resonance, or the convergence of clean break-beat drumming into a glitching skip. This is a fruitful approach, as it keeps the sounds crisp. Each section has it’s own identity; Gone is the repetition that trance is known and criticized for. Such an attention to detail takes a considerable amount of time to develop, and an even larger amount of effort to perfect.

“The track took me three months to complete, which has become somewhat of the norm for me as I move from the feeling of making music to really creating a special journey for my listeners. With this new norm, I was able to create something that fits with my previous work and also encompasses my spiritual path and growth. The Love Frequency, The Psychonaut and not to forget Prana Flow, I feel, all are a representation of my continuing journey”

Datt’s highly selective production process pays off with final execution of “Fluid Karma”. The track swells with sensation as it progresses through the various movements that make up its composition. A radio edit simply cannot do the track justice; however, one must listen to the piece in its entirety to get the full picture. Fluid Karma compiles everything to love about a Datt production, while also incorporating new elements to keep the experience unique and exciting. Experiencing Fluid Karma can be described as a journey of self-realization and atonement. It’s a celebration of the many life-cycles and the belief that, despite the changes in tone, everything is connected.

Following the first day of its release “Fluid Karma” has been gaining traction among fans and trance enthusiasts alike. You can obtain the full length opus HERE. You can also hear “Fluid Karma” as a part of FSOE 500 compilation, mixed by Dan Stone, Monoverse, Ferry Tayle, Paul Thomas, James Dymond, & Stoneface & Terminal. Keep up to date on Thomas Datt’s progress by visiting the links below.

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Thomas Datt on Soundcloud

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