Every single venue in the city is booked for events non stop all of Miami Music Week. But time to focus on a particular promotion company who brings a new but old flavor to Miami. Apex Presents led by Luccio, a local DJ and mega promoter is causing a ruckus around Miami with a series of events called The Vertex. These events are in complete dedication to trance music, something that has been long absent in the electronic music scene in Miami. Since the tsunami of popularity trance upheld in the 90s and early 2000s, Miami slowly ceased to bring quality trance artists into town. But with the aid of Luccio and his brand, Miami has seen a slow increase in a variety of trance artists ranging all across the spectrum of trance music.

pictured: Luccio

Thanks to Luccio and the rest of the Apex Presents and The Vertex team, be ready for three huge events. Three massive trance events over three days. Aly and Fila OTC @ Heart Nightclub; Vini Vici and Ruben De Ronde @ Heart Nightclub; And the first ever FSOE Miami @ SQL. All three of which are bound to sell out this week.



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Last year the Vertex presents group brought Aly and Fila during Miami Music Week on Wednesday. The same will be happening this year and tickets are almost sold out. The first floor of Heart Nightclub was packed with the most amazing people. All who were losing it through out this musical journey brought to you by Egypt’s finest. Slow progressive house building up all the way to some full throttle tech, uplifting and subtle dashes of psy trance all in one massive night. It was like gliding through musical styles. With Fadi’s (Fila) flawless mixing and tasteful track selection it was smooth sailing through out the night as the BPM rose and each transition brought about new energy.



Tickets are near sold out, get yours: -click here for tickets-

One of the most in demand duos on the planet, Vini Vici will bring forth their tribal infused psy trance bangers to shut down the house. Seriously, you wont hear a peep from the other rooms when 140+ bpm pumps out of the speaker systems. With support from non other than Armin Van Buuren’s right hand man, the night will be a variety of sounds and more energy than you can handle. It’s the perfect after party for Saturday and perfect pre party for ASOT on Sunday of Ultra.



Tier 2 almost sold out, limited tier 3 tickets will be available, lock in at best price: -click here for tickets-

Of the many surprises that unfold as Miami Music week approaches, this was perhaps the biggest one, especially for all the lovers of trance music. The largest trance event in Miami next to ASOT at Ultra. 17 total sets, 15 different artists, 11 hours of madness, 2 rooms. A whole lot of trance brought to you by the FSOE team. The event will feature all the sub labels under one roof. UV, Clandestine, Parallels and Fables. Fans across the country who are attending Ultra Music Festival even plan to leave the festival early to not miss a second of this magnificent event. Definitely one of the most exclusives this Miami Music Week.


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